Intro to Herbalism - 11/2/19

Intro to Herbalism - 11/2/19


Saturday, November 2nd

1 - 3pm

The Sage House (1834 Ryons St, Lincoln)

Come explore the roots of healing! Join us to discuss earth centered healing and learn the craft of making medicinal teas. If you have an interest in building up your home apothecary or getting to know more about the healing herbs in your area, this is a great time to take that next step. We will be focusing on two medicinal plants as we taste teas and tinctures together, discuss their benefits and different applications. We will also be delving into ethical harvesting (when, why, how much…) and an exploration of that foundational element to all healing practices…relationship. How to listen to plants, observing through the seasons, listening to the intuitive wisdom of your own body. The class will conclude with a hands-on tea blending activity. All participants will leave with their own tea blend and a packet of herbal info.

Please note that this curriculum will be offered on two different dates: Friday 10/25 5:30-7:30 and again on Saturday 11/2 1-3pm. Both sessions will be located at The Sage House.

Remedies from the Arise Apothecary will be available for purchase as well (cash, check or Venmo please). Spread the word! Check out the event on Facebook.

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