Community Resilience Through
Reclaiming Our Health

health coaching, workshops and custom herbal formulations



Arise Botanicals is the labor of love and life's work of herbalist, Alex Svoboda.  My work is based around client centered health coaching, workshops and custom herbal formulations.  I practice in the Western herbal tradition as a certified clinical herbalist. 

My mission is to help people connect to the earth centered healing that brings about transformative change.  Whether in the garden or out in the community, I carry a deep reverence and respect for both plants and people.  Arise Botanicals is a source for practical, informed, compassionate and ethical holistic care.


Cultivating Skills

Arise Botanicals offers educational events as a community resource to connect people to plants.  Popular topics include cold and flu care, backyard herbalism, fermentation, medicine making and herbal allies for emotional support.  What do you want to learn more about?  Request a class.  Invite us to your workplace, school, community center, or backyard. The Herbal Winter Wellness Series is available for online registration!  Cold and Flu Care, Anxiety and Depression Support, Herbal Headache Helpers.  Follow the Find A Class link to learn more.



Custom Formulas

Arise Botanicals is your home for personalized herbal formulas.  Bogged down by seasonal allergies?  Want to stay on top of cold and flu season?  Racing mind keeping you awake at night?  Contact Alex with your questions and health goals to get started.  



herbal Consultations

Arise Botanicals is a resource for personalized health coaching.  I emphasize compassionate and individualized care, focusing on the root causes instead of symptoms.  Emphasis is placed on gentle remedies, daily routines and self-care.  Some areas of specialization include:  stress management, burnout, depression, reproductive health and improving sleep.