Headache Helpers - 4/29/18 (Please note DATE CHANGE)

Headache Helpers - 4/29/18 (Please note DATE CHANGE)


Sunday, April 29, 2018
Sage House, 1834 Ryons Street

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This is the last of a three part Winter Wellness Series.  In this class we will be discussing herbs that can help prevent the onset of and ease the pain of headaches.

Headaches are multifaceted, growing from a variety of triggers.  Herbs can help to provide a foundational support that prevents the onset of chronic headaches in the first place and may turn the pain around when you're in the thick of it.  We will also be discussing liver health and some of the scenarios headaches may be just one symptom of.

I will be sharing recipes that can easily be made at home to help build your herbal apothecary.  Herbal tea will be provided and each participant will receive a detailed info packet so you don't need to stress on remembering all the great herbal wisdom shared.