Ask An Herbalist: 
Herbal Support for Healthy Children

Sunday, August 27th 4-6pm
The Commons, 1239 South 14th Street, Lincoln, NE

Join us for the last of this summer's Ask An Herbalist series where we address a variety of herbal topics ranging from healthy pregnancy, menstruation, health justice and supporting yourself or someone else through anxiety and depression.  The format is discussion based with everyone welcome to share their knowledge and experiences.  I will be bringing clinical perspectives and some resources to the table as well as facilitating a welcoming space for all.  We will be gathering on the last Sunday of every month.  This month's topic is Healthy Kids and Babies. How do you keep the kids in your life healthy?  Join us to discuss gentle approaches that are appropriate for elders and other fragile folks too. 

Free or By donation (all money collected will be split between The Commons and Arise Botanicals to support ongoing community events).  No one turned Away / free to attend. 

Winter Wellness:  Herbs for Health, Recovery and Resilience

Sunday, February 5th
2-4pm at The Sage House (1834 Ryons St)

During the long nights of winter and dark days of politics and strife, staying healthy and supporting each other becomes a priority.  We will be exploring strategies for maintaining physical, mental and emotional health during the winter season with safe and effective herbal remedies.

From cold and flu season to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and touching on the current climate of politics and fear, we will look at how health affects that way we connect to (or try to disconnect from) this dark season.

This class will focus on a few powerful herb allies that you'll get to know well through smelling, tasting and talking about them.  We'll discuss where to source them and how to use them at home.  Handouts and recipes are included with the class fee.

$30 per person.  Worktrade options available (contact me directly and we'll make it work!)

Space is limited, pre-registration is recommended (no pre-payment required.)  Contact me via the 'contact' tab to sign up.